Josh Denny Lies


Many people don’t know why Josh Denny has so many trolls. He will tell you it’s because of his political beliefs— but that would be a LIE. The real reason why so many people despise him is because…


Strap in.

Purchased Twitter Followers

Denny claims he has never bought a single Twitter follower in his life. A clear lie. He has over 125k followers on Twitter but less than 5k on YouTube and Instagram.

He admitted to buying a program that follows tens of thousands of people in hopes some of them follow back.

When asked why his engagement is so low compared to having so many followers on Twitter, Denny copes by saying he knows one person who used to interact with him a lot three years ago but she stopped being active on Twitter because of her new job.

Single-Digit Live Viewers on All His Podcasts

Denny regularly gets ZERO live viewers on his podcasts. The 1 you’re seeing in all these is the person taking the screenshot. Remember— Denny has over 125k Twitter followers.

Recycling The Same Jokes Year After Year

Denny has been telling the same dozen jokes almost every time he does a show. Many of them were featured on his 2012 album, Social Hand Grenades. Others predate it, with one even dating back to 2007, the first year he started doing comedy. The following video shows many documented instances of him telling jokes word for word across 10+ years.

Massively Inflated Streaming Numbers

Denny claims his 2012 comedy album, Social Hand Grenades, used to get 50-100,000 streams per month but ever since he went viral on Twitter it now gets millions of streams per month.

Denny must not have realized that YouTube and Spotify show the viewcounts for the album. At the time he said this lie he was getting about 25 streams per month on Spotify. Not 25 thousand… just 25. Now the number is under 10 per month.

When confronted about this lie Denny said that Spotify and YouTube aren’t the only platforms where his album gets views, which is partially true.

However they’re the only platforms where the album is available for free. Denny is implying millions of people have chosen to pay for the album compared to the couple hundred that have actually listened to it for free. Given further proof of his lie he claims the screenshots are old or photoshopped. Finally, given the newest screenshots he went radio silent.

Failed Black Car Business

In 2018 after a doing couple seasons of Ginormous Food, Denny decided to buy a Land Rover Discovery so he could start a “Black Car Business” through driving Uber.

Denny says the business was “profiting fine” until he decided to take a new job. Not sure how he thought he’d still be able to drive Uber Black while working a full time job.

If the business was profiting fine why would he need to find a second job?

If the business was profiting fine why was life unmanageable without the paycheck from the new job?

Clearly tDenny is lying about a lot with this Land Rover. Just 18 months after he bought the car it got repossessed.

Denny then made a GoFundMe with a goal of $10,000 and begged everyone in his life for money so he could get the car back and pay some more bills.

Denny has since deleted all mentions of the GoFundMe and has never spoken about this incident or the Land Rover since then. There is also no proof he ever got the car back.

Chipotle Jeans

Denny first became an internet lolcow in 2014 after Tweeting this embarrassing photo. Denny tried to publicly shame Chipotle after he spilled some burrito on his girlfriend’s jeans. After getting destroyed in the replies he ended up deleting the Tweet.

In 2022 he tried to cash in on this meme by trying to sell the jeans on eBay for $1,000. To improve his hopes of selling them he also offered to donate half the profits to charity.

Along with the Chipotle jeans he also listed about 15 other pairs of his girlfriend’s used jeans.

After a month with no bids he dropped the price first to $500 and then after a week with no bids down to $400. After another month with no buyer he removed the listing from eBay never mentioned the jeans again.

the inimitable chipotle jeans

Plane Crash Lie

By far his most notorious lie is about being in a plane crash.

Sometime around 2011 Denny told Patrick Melton of NLO that he was in a plane crash. Soon after, Melton called Denny out about this story and Denny admitted he wasn’t in a plane crash but was at the airport when a plane crashed.

Covid Lies

Denny claimed he had Covid in November 2019. This is statistically impossible. The virus hadn’t even left Wuhan at that time. He also claimed to have caught it three times by June 2021. At that time there was only a few dozen instances of people having it twice.

“Based on this work, the researchers estimate that the median number of persons infected with SARS-CoV-2 in China was less than one until November 4, 2019. Thirteen days later, it was four individuals, and just nine on December 1, 2019. The first hospitalizations in Wuhan with a condition later identified as COVID-19 occurred in mid-December.”

These lies gained him some internet fame as he made it to the top of Reddit’s r/FacePalm subreddit with over 5,000 upvotes.

Joke Theft

Steve Hofstetter is another redhead comedian. Here is his joke about ginga vs ginger. Uploaded to YouTube 12/31/2012.

Denny doing the exact same joke almost word for word. Uploaded to YouTube 10/18/2013 (almost a year after Steve’s).

Norm Macdonald (RIP) came up with this joke about going back in time and being unable to kill Hitler because Hitler convinces all the time travelers that he’s right about the Jews. This is from 2013.

Denny performed a joke with an identical concept in April of 2021.

Denny even admits he was heavily influenced by Norm Macdonald. Perhaps too influenced.

Ginormous Food Lies

Denny frequently lies about how popular his TV show, Ginormous Food, actually was. He says it was a Top 10 show when it was airing. In reality only 2 of the 23 episodes cracked the Top 10 ranks.

Obviously TV shows keep archives of their ratings. Below you’ll see exactly where each episode of Ginormous Food ranked after its original air-date.

Denny also claims the TV show was cancelled because he asked for too much money in his contract negotiations. However plotting the ratings for each episode on a graph and you can see a steady decline in views after S01E02.

Denny claims the show made Food Network over $100 million in ad revenue. Another lie.

The Detroit episode was from Season 2, so at the time of filming the number ‘$100 million’ would’ve been based on the first season alone. That's just laughably false. Here’s why: A common rule of thumb for ad revenue in the industry is $1 of ad revenue per view of the show.

The first season totaled 6,972,000 views across 7 episodes. So AT MOST the show earned Food Network $7 million in the first season. And that's revenue, not profits.

Further, Ginormous Food used to do trivia questions between commercial breaks. In one of these segments Denny used a completely fabricated statistic.

The statistic came from a book, The Authentic History of Cincinnati Chili by Dan Woellert. Woellert sources the data as coming from the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.

a document with a yellow circle in the middle of it

“No one knows where the statistics were derived” -Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

Provoked: An Unmade Comedy Special

In 2014 Denny started a crowd-funding campaign to film his first hour-special. The campaign only met half its goal of $5,000 and he closed the campaign. He never refunded the money and never made the special. Denny just stole all the money.

In late 2015 Denny went on podcasts and advertised the special, saying it would be filmed in February of 2016. He said his cycle is to release a new hour of comedy every 2-3 years.

Denny then blames not making the special on his TV show getting in the way. Ginormous Food ended in 2018 and at the time of writing this in 2023 he still hasn’t released the hour. His most recent hour is his 2012 album, Social Hand Grenades.

WILL The Agency

Denny co-founded an advertising agency named WILL The Agency. He was head of development for just four months. He rarely mentions this as part of his life story, probably because he quit for embarrassing reasons.

In this interview from September, 2020 Denny is bragging about starting a business where you can’t lose your job over your activity on Twitter.

Just one month later in October 2020 Denny decided to quit because he was tired of having to explain his Twitter activity to his business partners.

Failed Free Speech Lawsuit

In 2019, Denny landed a job working for Travis Matthew, a golf apparel company. When another employee found out about Denny’s outrageous Tweets she complained to HR and Denny was then fired on only his second day at the job.

Denny would then go on to claim this was a violation of his free speech and he tried to sue the company. He was very confident him and his lawyers had a good case. He even went on to say it was his divine purpose to fight these lawsuits to protect more people from getting fired because of their behavior on social media.

After about a year and a half in court the Judge dismissed his case. There was no settlement and the Judge declared that his freedom of speech was never violated. He lost the case.

Failed 40 City Comedy Tour

In May of 2018 Denny took to social media to plan a 40-city comedy tour. He mentioned doing the tour between late summer and early fall of the same year.

This never happened. Not even one city. He only performed comedy two times between late summer and early fall of 2018. Both shows were him hosting his local comedy show, Darkest Hour, in Hollywood.

Performing Comedy For Free Across The USA

In December of 2020 Denny advertised that he would perform FOR FREE at any restaurant or business that was defying lockdown orders. All he wanted in return was his travel expenses covered. He got almost 2,000 likes on this Tweet.

In the three months after his offer to perform for free anywhere in the country he only did one show in Morris Plains, NJ in March.

Impregnating His Maid

Denny said he hired a maid and propositioned her for sex. She then apparently became pregnant and he paid for her abortion. Unfortunately there’s no way to verify this as a lie but you can listen for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Neda’s Yeezys Are His Yeezys?

Denny claims he owns a pair of Yeezy 700’s. This is a lie. His girlfriend owns them. She received them for free as a gift from working at a Kanye pop-up store in 2019.

Failed Patreon

Denny claims Patreon deplatforming Sargon of Akkad made him decide to not sign up for Patreon. This is a lie. He had a Patreon for more than a year. He never cracked more than 4 Patrons before deleting it out of shame.

100k+ Twitter followers and Denny only achieved FOUR Patrons in the span of a year.


January 2021 Denny lunches his Locals page, which is just another paywalled content site like Patreon.

Things didn’t pick up as he only got between 0-4 views on each of his first 4 episodes behind the paywall.

Just like with his Patreon he never managed to get more than 4 people to pay for the service. After a while he gave up and closed it down.

Social Hand Grenades on Vinyl?

In 2014 Denny thought his comedy album, Social Hand Grenades was so successful that he could sell 500 copies of it on vinyl. He made a Kickstarter campaign for it and only 11 people backed it before he shut it down after a month.

Lying on Fox News About Why a Venue Cancelled His Show

In mid 2022 Denny announced he’d be going on tour with Gavin McInnes and Anthony Cumia to do comedy shows throughout the country. Denny was brought on to be the tour manager and host the events. Anthony and especially Gavin were the main headliners of these shows.

the cognitive dissidents tour poster

They experienced public pushback when they tried to do events in Chicago and New York, specifically because people didn’t want the creator of the Proud Boys putting on events in their cities.

The event in Rutherford, NJ was successfully shut down. They ended up moving it to Long Island the next day and the show went off without a hitch.

However, Denny’s recounting of the event getting cancelled is that the City of Rutherford through the Mayor and the Chief of Police strong-armed the venue owner into cancelling. Denny said they threatened to pull the venue owner’s redevelopment funding unless he cancelled the event and even though he did cancel it, the following Monday the city still pulled the redevelopment funding. Denny pushed this lie so much that Fox News picked up on it and published Denny’s video to their YouTube channel.

The lie here is easily debunked with a little digging. The President of the City Council is on record clarifying that the redevelopment funding for the venue was pulled from that nights agenda specifically due to ongoing concerns over parking and traffic flow. The redevelopment funding was never denied.

Here you can see the City Council President speak on this matter from the meeting days after the event was cancelled.

Furthermore, the issue of parking was discussed during the city council meeting from the month before the Cognitive Dissidents show. Again, proving it had nothing to do with Antifa or the Liberals complaining to the Mayor.

Denny then goes on to say that he’s suing the city of Rutherford, NJ for violating his free speech.

Denny claimed multiple times that “we” would be suing the city of Rutherford, NJ for violating their freedom of speech. However, there was no “we.” Gavin McInnes was the only plaintiff listed on the actual lawsuit. Denny had zero involvement. Another lie.

Relationship with Kanye West?

In early November of 2022 just a couple weeks after Kanye was lost his Adidas x Yeezy partnership, Denny claimed he believed God meant for him to speak with with Kanye West.

Is it also God’s plan for Denny to brag and make jokes about about it every time he goes on someone else’s podcast?

Denny later mentioned he hopes he can work with Kanye to fix his Yeezy brand because he worked for Crocs in 2008. His groundbreaking idea to fix Yeezy was to shift their sales to pre-orders.

Lying for Gavin McInnes to Sell Tickets

In Fall of 2022 Gavin McInnes pulled a prank on his own audience and pretended to be arrested live on his stream. Denny was quick to confirm the arrest was indeed real and then promoted their comedy tour in the next sentence.

Four Podcast Name Changes in Four Years

In 2021 Ron Coleman told Denny to change the name of his Jenkum podcast because it’s disgusting. Denny told him no, and the guest joked that that Denny changes the name of his podcast every six months. Denny replied that he’s only changed it two times in the last five years. That’s a lie.

- 2015 Launches March of The Pigs Podcast

- March, 2018 changes name to Implications of Josh Denny

- November, 2019 changes name to Darkest Hour

- January, 2021 changes name to The Wake Up Call

- August, 2021 changes name to Jenkum

Getting Fans From Jeselnik Offensive?

Denny says before he got Ginormous Food he gained a big Twitter following after appearing on an episode of Jeselnik Offensive in 2013.

Looking at all his Tweets surrounding the Jeselnik appearance he only got 4 likes across all 5 of the Tweets. Straight up lying about that show building his fan base.

Black Accent?

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the bottom. Tell me, have you heard Denny speak with a black accent in any of the audio or video clips above?


Well then let’s just take a listen to a snippet from his first comedy album, “My Comedy Boys Presents: Josh Deny.” (Their typo, not mine)

joshua delin's cd cover

No surprise— He’s since deleted this album off the internet.